Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things no one told you about pregnancy

I have loved being pregnant and I have been blessed to not have morning sickness. I had morning sickness from about week 4 to week 9. At my ninth week I got a horrible cold which I thought was death or at least the flu. But no it was a measly cold, but it made my morning sickness go away.

There are things that cute pregnant woman don't tell you about pregnancy is the weird symptoms.

1. Heartburn, it will crush you and leave you crying. The bad thing is when I found out I was pregnant, the "baby" wanted spicy Mexican and Italian. It came back to haunt me. I live off tums and no more salsa till after this baby is born.

2. Rabbit pellets. TMI. I poop rabbit pellets and have for the past 4 months. That is all.

3. Hair and nails. My hair is absolutely the best it has ever been with minimum styling. My nails should be manicured because they are so long and strong.

4. I have a dark brown line going down the middle of my stomach. I kind of knew about that but it is still weird.

5. I have the crappiest immune system in the world. I pick up everything! Plus every time I blow my nose there is blood in my tissue. (don't tell me you don't look at the tissue after you blow.)

One thing I learned is that I wouldn't change it for the world. I can't wait to meet my son.