Saturday, February 28, 2009

Funky Meme!!

Now this is a meme that I normally would not do, but I just felt compelled. This is from The Scattered Mind of a Tattoo minivan mom and she has very interesting questions. I have major writers block because nothing extremely cool happens in our life.

1. Have you ever skipped school? Oh my gosh, I can not believe I graduated high school as much as I skipped. It was at least once every two weeks!!

2. What is your favorite naughty word? Butthead, I don't cuss unless I am really really mad, which is almost never.

3. Have you ever been arrested? No not even close.

4. Do you and your spouse have a code that you use when you want sex? No but sometimes when I least expect it, he will be randomly naked. I just stop what I am doing.

5. Do you have special names know, either cute ones that you have your kids use or nasty ones that you and your spouse use? no, we use the right terms. and we do not have kids.

6. How many drinks does it take to get you sloshed? I would assume 3 or 4.

7. Do you always wash your hands after you go potty or are you one of those gross people who comes out of the toilet in a public restroom and fixes their hair then leaves without washing? I always wash in public.

8. When was the last time you played the clitar, dialed 9 on a rotary phone or spanked your monkey? I have no idea what any of that means?

9. What's your favorite smell that others would consider weird? matches after they burn off, and leaves burning. Something about fires gets me I guess?

10. What's your favorite adult beverage? diet coke

11. Favorite old school cartoon? Roadrunner and the coyote!!

12. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do with the money? Give my family money, my hubby can buy all the tractors he wants, and a little something for me!

13. Have you ever fed a dog peanut butter just to see what would happen? I know what happens, and Annabell is so funny when it happens to her!!

14. Favorite blond joke? I take offense to blonde jokes.

15. Have you ever undressed Barbie and Ken and made them do it? probably but I really don't remember. I do not think I knew what doing it was until middle school.

16. Did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary? Yes it is.

17. Crappiest car you've ever had? My first car a red mustang, it did not make it at all!

18. Most risque place you've ever done it? we lead boring lives.

19. Most old embarrassing song that you just LOVE no matter what anyone thinks? Def Lepoard "Pour some sugar on me" MC hammer "Can't touch this"

20. Ever puked out a car window? no

21. Should I let D get an alpaca? I don't know what this question has to do with anything.

I had to clean this up a little but other than that it was a different meme!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am lazy, and if you didn't know this, well now you do.
I have a hard time with self-discipline, self control, and well laziness. This has caused me to go up in weight, and down in brain cells. For the past 2 weeks, I have been really trying to lose some weight. I have been going to the gym, getting killed by my trainer, and trying to eat right! I have drank more water than I ever have!

What has changed? Nothing! I have not lost a single pound! It makes me so frustrated that I work so hard and nothing comes of it! I know it can not happen overnight, but if it did I bet more people would keep up with it!

But I have my trainer that says you look skinnier, and muscle weighs more than fat. That is the biggest baloney I have ever heard. 5 pounds of muscle and 5 pounds of fat are still 5 pounds!! They weigh the same!! I know he knows more than I do about physical fitness, but I want to lose weight! I do not want to stay the same weight and have more muscles!!

I want to be in a size 4. Ok lets be realistic a size 6 would be awesome! If I could get out of the double digits, and not lose my nice rack. That would be great!!
I don't want to be complaining but when you are lazy, you complain that stuff doesn't come to you easier.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


If you thought I was going to be talking about gladiators in loincloths, you are mistaken (oh wait that is 300.)
Here is my 200th post!
I know that is should probably be insightful, witty, and memorable.
Fireworks Pictures, Images and Photos
But it will probably disappoint.
I can not believe that my life has that awesome that I got 200 posts out of it! It has been fun and exciting! I have met so many bloggers(not really met), that have a similar story to me, or something I want to achieve.
I can not believe that I kept up with it as long as I did. That is the amazing part.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Tricks!

I am learning new tricks all the time for this blog. I am getting the hang of making this blog look like I want it to look like. It is really hard to decide what I want, and I know I change my mind a lot. I got this great tutorial from JenieShell's Blog to make a button. What do you think?

I totally stole some of the images off photobucket, but when I find out how to make this without stealing images I will. If I get in trouble then I will take it down. I wish I knew how to draw this stuff.
My Creating Web Pages class is starting tomorrow, and I am so excited!! I want to learn everything there is about building my own web page, so I can get better at this blog! I know that I will never be one of those famous blogs that I love, but it is a start!
As you can see it is work in progress!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 random Things!

I did this on facebook, and I am getting lazy so I decided to put it on here! I also got this from adventures of the reluctant housewife, since she put it on hers!

1. I can NOT drink Coke or Diet Coke out of a McDonald's cup, because the cup changes the flavor of the coke to nasty!

2. I can not confront people without bringing out the ugly cry and shrieky voice. I hate confrontations.

3. My parents and my husband's parents are still married.

4. I met my husband on a blind date, even though his sister is my Aunt's hairstylist for a good ten years before this meeting!

5. I did NOT graduate from college, I have lots of credits, but no degree.

6. I can NOT eat soggy bread, it makes me gag!! I have to eat all the around a sandwich so it doesn't soggy!

7. I can not sleep unless I have a sheet and blanket on me, even if it is 100 degrees!

8. I am awkward in social situations especially with people I hardly know, and I am always labeled as being quiet!! I just don't know what to say!!

9. I had only one date in high school and it was for homecoming. I got a case of laryngytis, and could not talk.

10. I can only eat eggs if they are close to being burned, and I will not eat any runny eggs. That is gross!

11. I had to go to summer school my summer before my senior year for geometry! I slept through most of the class and still passed!

12. I am not a morning person. I hate everyday that I have to wake up by an alarm!! I push my snooze 6 times before I get up. My husband is a morning person, and he knows only to give me a kiss goodbye in the morning. Nothing else!

13. I am a christian, and I believe Jesus died on the cross to forgive my sins, even though I do not go to church like I should.

14. My husband proposed to me using a bull dozer and wrote "marry me" in 40 foot letters. It was in a bunch of newspaper and magazines. But really construction magazines, not People. Boo!

15. I worked as a lifegaurd for a trailer park when I was 16, and I got fired at the end of the summer, for not checking the PH.

16. I never was a pet person, until I married my husband, and he had a dog. I love this dog like it is my own child now. She sleeps in the bed with us.

17. It only snowed one day last year, and it happened to be on my wedding day, and it snowed the same exact day this year. Coincedence? I think not!

18. I have 2 neices and 2 nephews, and I am a PANK! Professional Aunt, No Kids

19. I got a tattoo on my lower back when I was 22 with my best friend. I thought it was cool at the time, now its just embarassing because they came out with the word tramp stamp. I think about it when i wear a bikini.

20. I hate to clean, and I am a slob. I know that is not surprising to former roommates, but my husband doesn't mind. I do clean a lot more than I did. I hate to vacuum though, even though we have a Dyson.

21. I hate clothes shopping when I with husband. He can not be in the same store I am in because I am constantly thinking he will say something about the price. He never has, but I think he will.

22. I do not like the dark. I have to be watching TV or reading book to fall asleep. I hear wierd things when I lay awake.

23. I love wearing coats. I have about 4 winter coats and it doesn't get cold enough to wear them that long.

24. In high school, I had 3 best friends, and still for the most part keep in touch with them. Well except for one: Where are you Becky?

25. I have naturally curly hair, and I did not know it until 4 years ago. It takes a lot of product, but my hair finally has a style. Where were straighteners when I was in high school?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine!!

I love Valentine's Day!!
There is something about a day devoted to the one you love that gets me
feeling like I am going out on a first date with my husband.

My husband is the best at Valentine's!

I know some people do not like roses, but they make my heart swoon!

I also love jewelry!

Last year on our first Valentine's as a married couple, I was so sick! Nothing is more sexier than coughing, mucus, and fever! He took really good care of me though!

This year we went out to dinner with our best friends, and we got to get all dressed up! It seems when you can have 2 hours to get ready, it always makes you feel prettier!

My Valentine!

I hope everyone else had a great Valentines!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hubby and I first kiss

happy valentine\'s day Pictures, Images and Photos

It has been 3 years ago today that I first laid eyes on my husband, and since Valentines is upon us. I wanted to share Michael and I's first Kiss.

It also happen to be on Valentine's Day!!

Michael and I were set up on a blind date by his sister and my aunt, and he came to see me on a Saturday February 11th 2006. It was very AWKWARD! I had never been on a blind date. It went well enough for him to call me on Monday to ask for another date!

We went out on a Monday for our second date(Feb. 13th), and he took me to one of those fancy Japanese restaurants. He also brought me a ROSE! I still was not sure about him, but I think I definitely wanted to get to know him! We hugged each other that night, but it was a little awkward! (Sorry Honey!)

Our third date was on Valentine's Day. Yes, we went out 2 dates in two days! We went to the local mexican place, because we knew that we would never get in anywhere else. I decided that I was paying for this meal. He had dropped a lot of money the night before so I wanted to buy this meal!! It only ended up being $14!

After dinner he took me to meet his friends, and then took me back to my mom's shop! We stood at his car talking, and I wasn't sure if he wanted to kiss me! I gave him another awkward hug, and then I pulled back to leave. He did not let me get too far! He grabbed my hand and pulled me back in for a smooch! I think I may have kissed his goatee, but it was very sweet!!

I found out later from him that he wanted to make sure that if this didn't work out between us that I got a Valentine's kiss!!

How sweet is that? How was the first kiss between your husband and you?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Kiss

Valentine Pictures, Images and Photos

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought that I would put up some lovey dovey romantic stuff. I have always been a Valentine's kind of girl. In my adult life, I think I may have had one Valentines as a single girl. Yes that is 10 years of sweet Valentine Bliss.

But I want to take it back Old school with my very first kiss.

kiss babay Pictures, Images and Photos

**Disclaimer: Hubby this was a good 14 years before I kissed you, and I will get to our story tomorrow Also if I had a choice you would be my first and only kiss!***

My family and I went to the lake every summer. My brother, cousins, and I would spend two glorious months with our grandparents at the Lake. We went to the pool every day. This was the summer that I turned 11, and this was the first year I was wearing a bikini. Now granted I did not fill out the bikini at all, but I thought I looked cute. I was going into 6th grade, and I thought I was hot stuff! I was wrong!

There was always this one guy that really flirted with me, and he was a year older than me. His name was Channing. We decided to start "going out." Now at the lake that meant that you came to the pool every day. Also Saturdays they would have a band and you would slow dance with your boy. He was my first slow dance too!

Well it was the middle of the week and Channing and his friend asked me and my brother if we wanted to play basketball after the pool closed for the evening. I could not go anywhere alone with him, because well I was 11!! I knew he wanted to kiss me, and I wanted him to kiss me. We sent my brother and his friend away, and we stood beside the bleachers of the basketball court. We were both really nervous, but it ended up being a very sweet kiss. No awkward head movements or anything.

As we pull back from each other, my brother and his friend start cat calling!! They saw everything!! I was so embarrassed!! Who wants their brother as an audience to their first kiss?

Anyway the next day we broke up, because in essence it was the end of the summer. I could not really keep up a long distance relationship at 11 years old! We had fun that summer, and the next time I saw him he was dating another girl named Melissa. The funny thing is is that my brother dated this same girl Melissa about 4 years after Channing did.

If I knew how to do a linky, I would do it so you could put your stories of your first kiss. Tomorrow I will do my husband's and I first kiss. Feel free to blog about the first time you kissed someone and leave a comment so I can see it!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have insominia!

But I love to sleep!

What the irony!

My hubby is a morning person! He gets up at 5:20 in the butt crack of dawn! There is no way I could wake up that early! This is why I do not have kids because I like my sleep! Everyone I talk to and all the blogs I read says sleeping goes out the window!

What the heck!?!? I hate having to get up and going to work! I hate that the alarm clocks tells me when to get up. I get so mad at it! If I could wake up when I want to, not rush around, and have plenty of time to do my own thing. That would be great!

My husband is going to put me on a schedule on the weekends. I ruin my week by sleeping for 10 to 12 hours over the weekend. Which makes Monday morning awful!! Last night I did not fall asleep until 3 in the morning, and I still tossed and turned til the alarm clock went off.

It really doesn't help that we have the best bed in the whole world!! Seriously get a Serta Perfect day mattress!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

He is great!

I just want to let everyone know that my husband vacuums. I hate vacuuming with a passion, and since I probably have not done it the whole month of January. My hubby thought it was time to vacuum. It is just not something I think of because I hate it so much.

My hubby has been wanting to buy a Dyson since before we even got married. I could care less about the vacuum, because I know it will be me vacuuming, or not vacuuming.

Well today my hubby had it set in his mind that we were buying a Dyson, and I did not care as long as he vacuums. He happily agreed.

dyson Pictures, Images and Photos

We cleaned out our closet and got a bunch of stuff for the goodwill, and some trash, and I put all the laundry away(folded but not put up.) Well Michael decided to vacuum the closet with the Dyson. You should have seen the dirt and dust in our closet! You would of thought that it was PigPen from Charlie Brown's comic strip closet! Who knew you were supposed to vacuum the closet!! No wonder we have allergies!

If I can get all the dog toys out of the way, I can get him to do the great room!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I won!!!!

I won!!! I won an argument!!! It took over a year but I finally won an argument.


When I first married my husband, he could only sleep with all the lights off and NO TV! I could only sleep with the TV on. Well I (being the good wife) wanted to go bed the same time that my husband did, but I can't just lay there in the dark. I am scared of the dark. My husband also goes to bed at 10:00. He bought me a book light, and for a year I would read my book under the covers til I fell asleep.

~~~~Flashback over~~~~~

Well I started reading twilight and the other books that go along with it, and it started freaking me out. I would hear noises and wake Michael up to check those noises out.

Last night when we got into bed, I started to turn off the TV and this was the conversation:

Michael: You can keep the TV on.

Melissa: Why?

Michael: Because when the TV is on, you do not hear the noises, and you don't wake me up. I can learn to sleep with the TV on.

Melissa: Woo Hoo!! I won!! (happy dance in bed) I won!!

It took over a year, but I broke Michael down so that I could have my way to watching TV in bed!! It took a lot of patience and skillful thinking, but he finally sees it my way!!

Now if I could only get him to get that cleaning lady.