Sunday, August 31, 2008

Out on the Lake!

My husband bought a ski boat in June of this year, and today was the first day we took it out on a real lake. We bought the ski boat off of a state auction, and my husband has never driven a boat before.


Last week we wanted to take the boat out, but I was at the beach. When I got back from the beach we wanted to take it somewhere close so we could drive it around, and get used to it. We could not get on the lake we wanted, so we went to his pond.

Yes we put a ski boat in a pond, but we did not ski.

Today we took it out on a real lake, and granted it is Labor day weekend. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods this morning and picked up an oar, a tube, air pump, and a rope. We did not end up using any of it. The lake was so choppy that we did not want to get out on it in the tube. There was a lot of boats on the water also. I also had to have the marina guy help me park it because once we got it off the trailor, it would not start for me.

It was very nice though. I grew up on the lake, and have always loved swimming and boating on the lake. It was nice to start an old tradition with my new husband. Even though we might have to wait until next summer to enjoy it fully!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Hubby and I out on the town!!

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Tornado Chaser!!

Tonight for the first time in my life I saw a Tornado forming in front of my eyes!!!!

I wish I had a camera but I was in the car!

My husband and I are driving to dinner and the clouds are looking kind of weird. I don't like thunderstorms anyway, so this freaked me out!!

We are driving down a major highway and I see this set of clouds, and it looks kind of funny. I tell my hubby that those clouds look like they are coming together. As we get closer to the clouds we could see them forming upward into a tornado.

At this time I am freaking out, because I have never seen anything like that!! Tornadoes to me means scary stuff!!

I am telling my husband to speed up, and drive faster!!! As we drive by it we are still looking in the rear view mirror at it and we are going away from it. I don't think it ever touched down, but it was scary!!!!

As I write this my nerves are still shot! My husband comforted me by saying it was a little tornado and would not have hurt us. I am so glad he was with me. If I had been by myself I probably would have peed my pants!!!

I wanted to call the local news station and tell them that there is a tornado forming but my husband would not let me.

There is no way I could live in the midwest!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dinner Tonight

I called in sick today.

So I decided to try a few recipes from the SITS sisters that I needed a whole day to cook.

The first one is The Crockpot Lasagna.

I got this recipe from this blog.

I made this without the ricotta cheese because I am an idiot! I bought sour cream, a big jar of it, thinking it was ricotta cheese. So just mozzeralla and parmesan cheese.


The second recipe I made was dessert called Miss Piggy Bars.

And let me tell you!!! These are absolutely the best things in the world. They have chocolate, carmel, german chocolate. You can get the recipe from this blog.


I could not sleep last night. I always wonder when I can't sleep if I am subconciously thinking about things that I don't know bother me. I called in sick to work, and slept maybe 4 hours the whole night. But I am actually getting a lot done today.

I am cleaning the house, changing my picture out of the frames, making dinner, and laundry. Hopefully I can wear myself out for tonight.

My boss is so great and just doesn't care that I call in sick to work. I have never taken advantage of it, but this is the second time this month. The first time, I was extremely sick with a sinus infection.

I actually went to the grocery store without even brushing my hair. It did not look pretty! I had total bedhead!

I will feel better tomorrow, and I will sleep tonight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Writer's Workshop Wednesday: My Favorite Toy

Mama's Losin' It is doing a Writing Workshop and she gave a couple prompts for us bloggers to choose one to blog about: "My Favorite Toy or Blanket", or "I Wish I Could"

I chose "My Favorite Toy"

My Favorite Toy as a child was The Barbie Doll. I know that it is very generic but they were always there for me when I was little.

I love to dress Barbie, Ken, and little Skipper, and I would make up stories about their FABULOUS life! I had the doll houses made of Styrofoam, accessories, dresses. I even cut Barbie's hair!

Barbie even let me know that their was no Santa Claus. Picture this: Christmas 1989and I just had to have the Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe that doubled as an ice cream maker. Mattel makes up some great stuff!!


The spoons were stools for the Barbie butts, and the cart was the real ice cream maker. Anyway I knew my mom put the good presents in the trunk of her car, and I snuck out to see what was in there. There in the trunk was my Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe. On Christmas morning, my Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe with a tag saying it was from Santa Claus! (Side note: This started my spoiling Christmas for myself because I had to know what I was getting on that day.)

When Barbie and the Rockers came out, with their hit song "Barbie and the Rockers, Rocking Out! We totally are in the groove."

I had the whole band, the stage, the instruments, and the pink cassette with their songs.
It never got old!

Then one day it did.

I don't know what happened or what major event but I had to be around 12 or 13(I was a late bloomer!!!) Barbie started getting packed up in the shoebox and coming out less and less.

I would have no more Barbie and Ken wedding with me holding their legs, and pushing their heads together to kiss.

The Barbie and the Rockers tour was over, and the band had broken up. It all had to do with the manager which was me.

Boys, school, sports, makeup started calling my attention. I have fond memories of those days, and sometimes I wish I could go back when my whole day revolved around what outfit Barbie would wear, where Ken was taking her on a date, and wishing one day my boobs would be as perky as Barbie's.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Opposites Attract

I have only been married for 7 months, 6 days, 5 hours, and 6 minutes, and I have enjoyed every stinkin' minute of it.

But my Hubby and I are as different as black and white, water and fire, and Simon and Paula.

He loves country music, and I am a lot pop, rock, rap(anything he doesn't like.) I love a good reality show, while he would like to watch a sitcom.

He would love to live in the country and I would love the downtown life.

I like to sleep with the light and sound on, and he would love it perfectly silent and dark.

How can we make this marriage work? How do two people make it in this world when they are polar opposites?

It works miracles.

We found each other through a blind date, and thankfully the people that love us the most knew deep down inside it would work.

Let's just say we probably would not have been friends first.

I don't think we figured out how much of opposites we are until we were married. But I love my husband so much, that it doesn't matter that we can't watch the same show, or listen to the same radio station.

I just like being with him. I like laying in the crook of his armpit and giggling together about silly stuff. The looks he gives me that says I found the perfect girl, and I get to see her naked.

If we lost everything, and we had to move above his parent's garage in his old apartment to make ends meet. It would still be our perfect life.

Even if we can't decide what movie to watch.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Night at the Races!!!

I had my first experience of a Nascar race this weekend. My husband's friend called him and said he had two tickets to the Bristol race, and would we like to go with his family.

I was excited because I had never been, and that we would get together with J and his wife. Well I found out after that his wife was not going, and we were going to get to the racetrack at 12:00 and the race did not start until 7.

I started to get worried.

I think I have ADD and can not sit doing nothing for 7 hours!!

It ended up being completely different.

It was fun!

I brought a couple magazines, and a book in case I got bored.

And let me just say I have seen enough mullets, belly shirts with muffin tops, campers, and bad dye jobs to last me forever.

Oh and I forgot my camera.

Nascar puts on a awesome pre show!

First they had a country singer Darryl Worley sing a few songs, then they had a parade around the track with the drivers. There was fireworks, skydivers, and jet aeroplanes flying over. It was quite a show.

I don't want to toot my own horn but we are in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Anyway I enjoyed it.

I don't think its something that I could go to every week. It was very loud, like I had to use sign language because on top of the ear plugs you could not hear anything. Also the fumes from the tires was really strong.

It was different than anything I have ever seen.

My husband and I are big Kyle Busch fans, and we left about 50 laps from the end because our seats were not great.

We thought Kyle would win because he led the most laps, but he didn't. Also they had a little fight after that we missed!

It was fun though!

Edited to Add: Hubby tells me that he is not a big fan of Kyle Busch, he just likes the way he races. He is a big fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr., and before that of course Dale Earnhardt Sr. (I think sometimes I see him tear up when they show pictures of him.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beach Time!!!

I had a great time at the beach with my best friend! She brought along a friend too, but that person is a secret friend and would like to stay anonymous. You won't see a picture of him/her.

I love the beach, and my hubby hates it!

So this was a great opportunity to go to the beach without him!

I could lay out at the beach all day, but I am also a water girl. The people I went with did not want to get into the water. I got in the ocean maybe to my calves! All those shark stories are starting to get to me!


Please disregard the greasy hair! I love that pic of my friend!

Here is the best part of me laying out for 2 days straight, I got sun poisoning, I did not get burned, I got a rash. I have never gotten a rash from the sun.

I think it had to do with my birth control pills. Stupid Pills!!

While we we were there we were able to do lots of shopping and eating!

We look like we are on a cruise here.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am leaving for the weekend for the beach!

I just got an update on my niece. She was moved to a different hospital and it specifically is for newborns.

They put some enzymes in here, because her lungs were not developed. But as soon as they did that, my dad said you could tell a differnece in her.

Off to the beach!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am an Aunt!!!

There is a legacy for my family!!

My brother's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! She was about a month early, so she is still on oxygen and may need a feeding tube. She was born a few states away from us, so I have not seen her pretty face yet.

She was born 7 lbs and 6 oz.

21 Inches long.

A full head of black hair.


Hopefully tomorrow they can send me great pictures!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Cat Killer!

This is the second time I have seen crazy cat killer's car. There is a lady in our town, and I believe that she is an attorney, has about 10 bumper stickers on the back of her car about diffent ways to kill a cat. Here are some examples:

I like cats,too. Let's exchange recipes

I love cats! They're Delicious!

Looking for your Cat? Check under my wheels!

Neighbors Cats make great hats!

I can't remember all of them, but the next time I see this car I will make sure I have my camera for photographic evidence.

What in the world did a cat do to this woman!?!?!

I am not a crazy cat fan by no means. Cats kind of freak me out. I know they do to a lot of people. But to go as far as to put eating and killing cats on my car as a bumper sticker, and not even one but ten!!!

I saw a movie once where cats were attacking a family. There is a creepy scene where the mother goes to get her baby out of the crib and there was a lot of cats in the crib. The baby was not in the crib, but the mom flung all the cats out.

But did this happen to this lady?? Was this movie based on a true movie? I don't think I want to run into this lady in public. What if I had a cat in my arms?

more cat pictures

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympics!!

Dummm Dummm Da dum da dum, da dun dun da dun...ok I tried to do the theme song to the Olympics.

I am way in the the Olympics, there is just something about comrade, competition, and tension that I love. My husband has never been a big Olympic fan

until now.

I have had him watch beach volleyball, women gymnastics, swimming, and synchronized diving. I know you are thinking its for the hot girls, but the synchronized diving was men.

Last night we watched a little of the swimming, and then today when we got home from work we watched what we could not stay up to watch. This is where a DVR comes in handy!

We knew the outcome of the 4 x 100 relay ourselves, by reading the news, but we had to watch it. It was amazing!!! There is nothing better than watching an unbelievable comeback for USA. Its something you have to see!

I couldn't find a picture of the whole team, but this will do! The boy has got some ears!

I have been into the Olympics ever since Kerri Strug landed the vault on a broken annle in the 1996 Olympics in ATL.

I also love the stories behind the athletes!

I love competitive swimming! In my younger days, I was a pretty good swimmer. I say I could still swim a 500 m, but I told my husband that and he laughed in my face!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here lies my problem...

I like to read too many blogs.

I read about 20 to 25 daily blogs a day. These blogs usually update everyday, execept for the weekends.

The blogs I read are all different gamets:

1. Mommy Blogs (I am not a mom, but those are funny.)

2. Funny Blogs

3. Pharmacy Blogs(This lady is Funny!!)

4. Decorator and Crafty Blogs (I wish my houses looked like these women.)

5. Preppy Blogs (Don't Ask)

6. Family Blogs (Which is my family and friends, so I can see what they are doing at all times)

7. Food Blogs

So I will try to put them all on my blog roll but I have not quite figured out how to do that.

My problem is that I don't write enough on my blog. I can't do it daily becuase I don't have time, I am reading too many blogs. I also do not have enough stories in my life to write about it. My life is boring! I work, eat, sleep, and play with my husband.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Entitled to my own opinion

I am so happy!!!! I got my first ever negative comment!!!! Usually I get the "I been there I know what your talking about" comment like everyone else does.

I did write a "controversial" blog here.

When I first stated to read the comment, I was so happy someone wrote a lengthy comment. Then I got to the end and I was sad, but happy that someone thought well enough of the blog to say negative things.

I stand by what I said on that post, and its my first amendment right to have an opinion. This is why I have a blog so that I can write what I want, and what is going on in my life. That story is happening in my lifetime, and whether I agree with it or not is not going to stop it. I am just expressing my opinion.

I hope my commenter did not see my blog about this. Hee Hee!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nyquil is my friend!

All week I have been battling sickness!

Monday: First I had a sore throat, and I thought it was from the swimming pool chlorine. My husband got sick the same day so I didn't say anything about being sick, so I could take care of him.

Tuesday: I still have the sore throat and my husband went to the doctor. He had bronchitis. He got pills.

Wednesday: My sore throat is killing me, I can barely talk. I take Nyquil and I sleep for 10 hours, and I feel better. My husband still feels bad, so we went to bed at 8:30.

Thursday: My sore throat is better, and my husband is feeling better. I start to feel sick that night, so I take more Nyquil and so does my husband. We go to bed at 8:30 again.

Friday: My husband is all better! Now I have a runny nose, congestion, sore throat.

Saturday: I still have the runny nose, coughing, congestion. We stop at Rite-Aid to get some Severe tylenol to ease my symptons. It doesn't really work.

Sunday: I have laid around all day, still have congestion, major runny nose, watery eyes. I have taken medicine all day!!! I can not stop sneezing. I should probably go to the doctor.

I just hate to spend the money!!!

Oh and my hubby is all better!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Go To Meal!

So its Saturday night and yes the hubby and I are home. Chillin' like the youngsters say!

We drove to South Carolina for lunch and shopping, so we decided to spend Saturday night at home.

This is our go-to-stay-at-home-I-don't-want-to-cook meal.


This is the best invention out there! My dad works for Tony's pizza as a vendor, so he gets a lot of pizzas to bring home. Well the pizza out of the oven just got old.

So we found that machine. It makes pizza taste like it came from Domino's. But if you look closely that is not a Tony's Pizza(Don't tell my dad!) It works by heating both sides of the pizza or just the upper if you like it more done. It can heat the bottom if the top is too done.

My whole family has at least one! You can find them at Target.