Monday, December 10, 2007

39 Days to go!

My Fiance and I are getting married in 39 days. We have mostly everything done for the wedding, and we are just waiting. It has been really exciting to plan and fulfill a wedding that I have dreamed about forever. I have learned a lot about my future husband, and we have grown so much. Yes, there has been a few times where we have argued, but after it is over we have grown closer and learned how to communicate. I will admit but only once that I am stubborn. A lot of things have to go my way for me to be happy. I don't know where it came from but its who I am. I am not a bridezilla though. I have seen that show and I have said that I will never belittle my fiance to near tears or treat my family with no appreciation. I have been entirely thankful for my parents for paying for the majority of the wedding. I truly love them and how they have supported me.

Good news! I had my very first shower. Just a little info I love Christmas and opening presents. So this shower was great. We got so much stuff, I could not believe it. My mother in law who bless her soul bought me a Roomba! I hate to vacuum and now I will just have to push a button and it does the work for me. I used it at my fiance's house and it did good. It missed a couple spots but hey I didn't have to do it. I also got so many mixing bowls and baking items. I can cook for days. I first need to learn to cook though. I am not really that good at it. But I have years and equipment to get it right.

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