Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Fun

My husband and I went out tonight, which is what we usually do on Friday nights. We celebrate the start of the weekend. Tonight we went to Sam's club and bought stuff we probably didn't need. We bought 10 cans of ravioli( I really like it for my lunch), the biggest thing of country time pink lemonade(Michael only likes the pink), razors, boxers, deodorant and Zicam(My husband has a stuffy nose. That is the most random things I have ever bought. Then we went and got pizza and ended the night at Barnes and Noble. I know I said that Michael did not like the TV on at night so I started reading in the bed. I bought three books and a book light because the last few nights I have had to lay a small mag light on the bed and rearrange it every time I turn the page. Tomorrow I have to clean my house. It is a mess and for the most part it is Annabell's fault. Yes she is a dog and she is 80% responsible for the mess. She likes to take our socks and spread them all over the floor and her dog toys. She can't really respond or get mad at her for writing about how she keeps our house dirty so its ok. She has torn a couple of my panties up which is really bad, so I definitely can't keep them on the floor. I hate cleaning but I have all day tomorrow because Michael will be gone to an auction.

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