Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know.

I know. 

Its been a long time. 

I am not sure on the exact date, because I use Windows Live writer to write my blogs. 

I had a great streak going where I wrote 2 nights in a row, but I ran out of steam. 

  • I have been taking a cake decorating class.  Its fun but I realized that I have no craftiness in me.  But I think I will still keep taking course 2.  I love having something to do, and motivates me to cook food in the house!
  • I had some family drama that I couldn’t talk about on my blog.  My other problem with this  blog is that I really can’t be honest. 
  • I still love my husband, and he is completely amazing in every way!!  He truly completes me.
  • Sorry for all the gushy mushy, but I love him!

Thanks for checking up on me Kristina!

4 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Kristina P. said...

It HAS been a long time! That cake decoration class sounds like a lot of fun.

blueviolet said...

Oh wow, do I ever know about family drama.

I think I'd like to try a class like that sometime!

Anonymous said...

I was about to send out a search party! lol

Glad to see you are back :-)

Carrie said...

I totally know what you mean about not being able to be honest on your blog. That's why I started a new blog (this is the same Carrie from "Getting Carried Away). The only person from my "real life" who will know about my new blog is my husband.