Monday, August 10, 2009

What I did this Summer.


So I know that I have been slack this summer on blogging.  I do have lots of funny and sad things that have happened this summer. So I am giving you the reader's digest of this summer.

Wedding Woes:

  • Remember back in March when I did the bridesmaid dress bracket.  You guys did such a good job at picking out a dress, that I did NOT even go with any of your suggestions.  Funny, huh?  Well I guess I should have because after I bought my dress, the wedding got cancelled.  Anyone want a Latte size 10 bridesmaid dress?
  • So the wedding got cancelled because the groom stopped talking to the bride.  He went on a cruise, and when he came back he never talked to her again.  They had been arguing but nothing huge.  She has not heard a word since June from him.  He is best friends with my husband, so that means I still have to see him.
  • The good thing out of this is that now the bride and I are way better friends than before the wedding got cancelled.
  • Another side note; they dated for FIVE years!!!

Wedding and Casinos:

  • My husband was a groomsman for another wedding this summer along with the above guy.  I had to spend the weekend with the no call groom.
  • Fun times!


  • Hubby and I decided to go to Cherokee for a little vacation.  We had a free room at Harrah's since my husband has a gambling problem. 
  • It was seriously the nicest room that I have ever stayed in.  When we came back to our room to go to bed, they had white robes and cookies laid out for us!
  • We also brought back triple the money that we took to the casino!!! Yay!


My niece's 1st Birthday:

  • My sweet niece is turning 1 on Thursday, so we had her party here for her.  She is the sweetest child.  There was not a single meltdown.
  • She has been walking for a month and a half already.


  • But she will not feed herself.  Its really cute that she will go to anybody who is eating and we just feed her.  She is like a cute little dog!

2nd Chance Prom:

  • The local radio station has an annual 2nd chance prom that they put on for the local community.  This event is in 2 weeks! 
  • We were going to go with the couple that cancelled their wedding, but now only the girl is coming.  She invited a friend. 
  • The music group that they hired for the prom is...wait for it......

Salt and Pepa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I couldn’t find a picture, so imagine it)

  • I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!  It brings me back all the way to middle school with songs like Shoop, Push it, and What a man!!

  • Plus, I have always wanted to go to the prom with my husband!

Other than that we got nothing else!  I will make sure to put some pics up from our 2nd chance prom.

5 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Kristina P. said...

That is crazy about the wedding!!

And Salt N Pepa is awesome.

Mrs. D said...

Wow. What was he doing going on a cruise WITHOUT her, anyway?? I wonder what he did on the cruise? Hmmm....

That sounds fun, about the prom. And how cool to have S&P there!! I loved them!

Grand Pooba said...

I just can't get over that the groom just stopped talking to the bride! Are you for reals? That happened to me with a boyfriend in high school and I still haven't heard from him to this day and it bugs the hell out of me! To have your fiance do that to you is just nuts!

Yaya said...

Ok, I so need more details on the cancelled wedding. Come one, spill the gossip honey.

blueviolet said...

That JERK! How could he do that to her? I feel awful for the poor girl although I'd rather he did it now than screw up the marriage later.

Your niece is so cute with being fed. Why should she bother if someone else will do the work? LOL

You and your hubby are a good looking couple!!!!