Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 in Pictures

I saw this on Yaya Stuff and it looked awesome! Since I have not been updating my blog, I would show you what happened this year!


Let’s start in the top left hand corner with the far away shot of hubby and I.

1. My husband and I’s 1 year anniversary in the mountains!  It was cold, but there was a Hot Tub outside with snow all around.

2. A weekend trip whitewater rafting with family and friends. 

3. My husband and I going to a wedding, where he was a groomsman.   But he looks like a waiter!

4. My niece Hannah sleeping on my shoulder!!  So sweet!  It makes my uterus hurt!

5. New Years Eve 2009!

6.  My BFF’s last child but first son after 3 girls!!

7.   My niece Hannah (again) at her Christening.

8. I had to get my wisdom teeth out! 

9.  New Years Eve Party 2008, but by the look on my face it had to be after midnight!

10.  My wedding picture, but I didn’t post it to facebook until 2009.

11. My BFF Angela and I at the beach for girls weekend.

12. Hubby and I going to Grandmothers birthday, and where an old Alzheimer's lady thought I was pregnant!!

13. Our Christmas Card.

14. My BFF and I hanging out!

15. 2009 2nd Chance Prom!

16. Brad Paisley Concert where I could reach out and touch if I wanted to!  That's only a little zoom!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the alzheimers lady just had a premonition about you ;-)