Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 more days!!

Only 2 more work days until my wedding anniversary! Oooooh I can not wait!! It is going to be nice, relaxing, and comfy. I am looking forward to making a fire, cuddling, playing pool, and the HOT TUB!

Yes the hot tub is outside, and yes it is clothing optional.

I need to find the top of my wedding cake to make it complete. I can't believe I almost forgot about it! I think it is at my mother in law's, and knowing her it is still good to eat. Unless she ate it thinking we would not want to eat it. She would do something like that. I need to call her.

I also need some candles, because nothing says romantic like candles around the clothing optional hot tub. Although now that I think about it, do they check the chemicals in the hot tub? Are we the only clothing optional people to be in there?
I have heard stories.

I have never had any problems before with hot tubs, but that is probably what most people say.

Well if anything happens, it will be a fun story. If I die though from sitting in other peoples body fluid that may or may not have been properly heated to the full potential to kill the germs, then it will still be funny. I would hope none of my friends would ever get into a hot tub again if that happened.

It would be awesome if it was snowing and being in the clothing optional hot tub with candles flickering and eating strawberries.

Must pick up strawberries.

Last year on our honeymoon, we ran away from the cold. We headed straight down to the Bahamas for the hotness. This year we are going to be in the middle of the cold, on top of the cold, and freezing our little booties off! I have to make sure we have plenty of scarves, gloves, coats, and hats. That actually match. I have to look cute on my wedding anniversary weekend!

We are also going gambling in Cherokee, and I am not a big fan of spending money and not getting anything in return. My husband on the other hand does. Maybe I can find something else to do.

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Anonymous said...

Aw! Cute little Newlyweds! Happy Anniversary! Don't eat too much of that cake-it'll make ya sick!

Anonymous said...

i will refrain from telling you our honeymoon hot tub story so that i do not scare you, however it is good idea to make sure that it is serviced regularly. have fun!! a. willis

Stephanie E said...

I gave you an award lovey!

HeatherPride said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a great time on your anniversary trip! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about it when you get back! Yippee!