Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anniversary Trip

We had such a great time in our little cabin in the woods. There was not a whole lot to do while we were at the cabin, but we made do with what we had. We brought cereal and milk, and our cake topper, which surprisingly was still good!! My mother-in-law kept it well frozen!!

It started snowing on the first night that we were at the cabin, so we had to rush home so we could get in the hot tub!! I wanted to get in the hot tub while it was snowing and dark. I could not figure out how to work the lights until the last night, so we were lit only by the hot tub lights. When I got out of the hot tub, I took all Michael's clothes so he had to run up the stairs naked to get back in the house!!! Hee hee!

Michael and I loved this bed!! Not for the obvious reasons! We had our best sleep ever!! We have a sleep number bed that we hate, and when we laid down on this and we slept like babies!! I can not tell you how much we hate our sleep number bed!

This is our tourist trap we went to:

It is called Wonderworks, and it is basically a Ripley's Believe or not! I am not sure it was worth 20 dollars a person, but I got this great picture of Michael as a little person!

This is getting long winded!! Maybe this can be in parts!! I have way better things!! I am just too tired! I am rambling!!

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Anonymous said...

That totally reminds me of Wisconsin Dells. I don't know if that's where you were but we went to so many tourist trap places there. It was hilarious! The place you stayed in looks wonderful and like you said (not for the obvious reasons) ;)