Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to normal!

My husband got home last night. I could not wait for him to get home. I went to his favorite place B-dubs(Buffalo wild wings) and got him the boneless wings with medium sauce. He said I was the best wife in the world. Then we went home and did what normal newlyweds would do. If you know what I mean! Anyway we are starting a diet tomorrow. We are going to try to do the Best life diet. I don't know how its going to work but hopefully we can lose some weight. We have both gained a little since we have been married. We both want to be commited but its very hard. Hopefully it will work out.

When I first moved to Fayetteville and started working downtown I got some parking tickets. If you stayed parked in the same spot for more than two hours you get a 5 dollar ticket. I got 31 of them. I have not paid them and they went to a collection agency and they added 25 late fee charge to each of them. I was trying to make a statement and not pay them but it backfired, becuase now I owe $950 dollars. That is really bad and Michael is not happy.

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