Monday, March 31, 2008

I am home!

I am home from a long weekend with my best friend. Her mom passed away and she was pretty ok with it. She had been dealing with her for a while now and she was ready for this. I loved how much she took care of her mom after everything that went on with them. She is a great example of forgiveness that I hope I can show someday to someone who doesn't do me the greatest. Which leads me to this story where I need to show forgiveness but its hard. Someone I don't even know, I may have seen her 2 times and she doesn't know me at all. She told one of my best friends that did not know we were best friends that I married my husband for money. It took me the whole weekend to get over that. I love my husband so much and for some one to say that really irked me. I came home last night and wasn't feeling good and I just cried in my husband's arms and he took care of me. He is the greatest guy for me and I am not heartless and marrying anyone for their money. I hope one day this person realizes how much they wronged me, and the sad fact they will never see the true side of me. I hope I don't run into this person because I could embaress her. But I won't.

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Mother of a Firecracker said...

Hey Melissa,

I have been "silently" reading along on your blog! Just to let you know that someone is reading your blog. I totally understand your post about forgiveness. I think forgiveness is the one thing that I struggle with a lot. I just can't forgive and forget. It's just very, very hard.