Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday PS nights

Well its Thursday night and me and my husband have named it PS night. Now its secret code for something private that we enjoy together. Anyway tonite is Lost night. I am completely amazed with this show. They contunue to amaze me every week. Some weeks its frustrating and confusing, but I can't help but come back week after week. You know that is like marriage sometimes its all fun and games, but there are still some days that are frustrating and confusing, but you keep coming back for more. There are some people however that don't come back for more and they settle for divorce which is sad. I love my husband but sometimes he makes me mad, and I know that I make him mad or crazy some days. He puts up with a lot from me. I am high matienence in the little ocd ways. I used to be the girl who didn't care about how she looks or go without makeup to work. I didn't care how my hair looked because I couldn't do anything with it.

My OCD now is that I don't like my hair to look the same everyday. I know that it must be wierd but its true. Now I used to wear my hair the same way until a hairdresser about 4 years ago discovered that I can wear it curly. Well I love that my hair has a lot of different styles. When its raining or humid outside I know I can wear it curly, and I know how to style it straight, and wear it curly with a curling iron. See there is my ocd going again, and I made a whole blog about it. I don't think that any reads my blog so its kinda of like my diary. I almost wrote dairy and then had to look at it.
I gotta watch Lost now.

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