Thursday, March 13, 2008

Home Alone and Guitar Hero

Well Michael has been gone for 4 days, and it feels like forever. Good thing that my aunt is staying with me or I would go crazy. She doesn't come to my house until late so its just me and Annabell. Since Michael is gone I take care of Annabell, he had her a long time before he found me, so I am like the stepmother. No matter what I do, she will always run to Michael. Well Michael has been gone and I have been taking care of her, and hopefully when he comes back I will still be her favorite. Fat chance but I can hope. My motherly instincts have not kicked in yet, because 2 nights ago she peed on the floor twice. Oops, so yesterday I took her out twice when we got home and no accidents.

While I am home alone, the great thing is I can watch whatever I want. Michael does not like reality TV, so we watch something different. But now that he is gone I have been watching everything. Also I play guitar hero. Michael likes the game but he is only on easy and has lost interest in it. I stopped playing about 2 weeks ago because I had gotten to a part I couldn't beat. Well one of my friends came over a beat it for me. So I beat the game on medium. This week I started playing on hard. I have only gotten past one level. It is the same songs that are in medium except that they have added another key( the dreaded orange key). Well it takes me a few times to beat a song now, but I am slowly progressing. Michael will come back to a rock star!

He comes home on Saturday! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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