Friday, May 8, 2009

Trash Talk

My husband and I are having an argument, and I need sound advice that I am right!
On Sundays and Thursdays, My hubby takes the trash out to his truck, so that he can take it to his mom's so the trash man can come and take the trash. Get that? He has to go to his mom's anyway to drop Annabell (our dog) off, and to find out what he has to do for work. He owns his own company with his dad, so he needs to find out the business.
Now when he takes the trash out, he does NOT put a new trash bag in! So when I get up a couple hours later, I fix my breakfast and go to throw away my trash.
There is no trash bag!!!!! It drives me insane!!!! I fall for it every time!! So usually I leave it my trash on the side until I get home and change it, because I am always in a rush!
Not anymore!!! Its Friday (Friday evening), and I had a paper bag beside the trash, so I have been putting my little trash in there. I will NOT put a new trash bag in!! But neither will my husband!
He says he is too busy in the morning to bend down and open the bag. He says he has to hold the full bag, and the dog on the leash.
So we might have trash backed up to the ceiling before the weekend is over.
The good thing is though I won't be here tomorrow, so I think he will crack first. or not.
**I am the one who always puts a new bag in the trash, and I would never take out the trash and not put a new one in! I'm just saying**

8 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Anonymous said...

Whoever takes the trash bag out should put in a new one. I would make a list for him of ALL the chores you do and then show him his measly few chores he probably does......

Anonymous said...

I would hope that you are satisfied by just having a husband that cares enough to take the trash out. I believe that you don't realize how lucky you are!

Melissa said...

That was my husband, don't listen to him!!!

I love him though!!

HeatherPride said...

Ha! Before reading your follow-up comment I was about to ask if Anon up there is your hubs!!

It does seem to me that the completion of the trash task would culminate in the insertion of the new trash bag. Sorry, Hubs.

Kristina P. said...

Haha! Love the comment bu your husband!

And he is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sorry hubs, I am taking it upon myself to guess that, like many husbands, besides yard work, trash is the only house chore you probably do.... and if that is true and she does most of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc, the least you could do is a COMPLETE trash change. That's like using all the TP and not putting on a new roll.

Anonymous said...

(And I must add, yard work is only done a FRACTION as often as the everyday house stuff, and usually only in the warmer months so don't use that as leverage!! My hubby tries that all the time.... he uses a RIDING LAWN MOWER, it's not that hard!!

M said...

I don't have an answer, but the whole post plus the comments has made me laugh lots today :)