Saturday, April 4, 2009

This is as random as it gets.

Why is the TV land showing the movie Patriot Games? I thought that it just showed old TV shows?

Why is Tina Fey so not funny, but Amy Poehler totally and unbelievably hilarious? I mean aren't they like best friends, and maybe Tina would learn from her? But Tina is winning awards? Side note: 30 Rock is a funny show, but only because of Tracy Morgan and Kenneth the Page.

How come every time I grow my hair out long I want to cut it, and every time I cut it short, I want it long?

Do all men think the same things? Sports, sex, food? In that order?

How many times should you brush your teeth? I brush once a day, and my hubby brushes twice a day. He does not go to the dentist and I do! Also who flosses? I have never seen my husband floss, and I don't. My dental assistant flosses my teeth for me. I feel like its a spa day.

My BFF dyed my hair a dark brown but she missed one spot on the front of my hair. Its a blond spot ON THE FRONT OF MY HAIR!! I look at it every day, and I want to take a black sharpie to it, you know because they make other sharpie colors now.

I need cute dresses for showers, weddings, and parties this summer. I really can't find anything that either makes me look like Hannah Montana or Laura Ingalls.

I think I am ready to get pregnant, but my husband is not. But every day I change my mind about whether I am ready, yet my husband stays the same.

I look at Facebook every day, just to see if anyone said or threw anything at me.

I am the most lamest person you don't know, unless you know me, then you know I am lame.

And by reading this post you know now.

6 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Kristina P. said...

I love Tina! I think she is brilliant.

And sorry about the hair! What are you going to do?

Anonymous said...

Are you serious about Tina Fey? I think she's a genius! Of course, she has to play the "straight guy" on the show against all the crazy personalities around her. She's dry compared to their overwhelming overboard comedy. I love that show. Jack is my favorite.

I brush in the morning and before bed (cause that's when cavities have a field day if not!) but I admit I rarely floss. My hubby flosses almost every day and brushes 3x a day. He's anal.

And GET PREGNANT! He'll probably only get ready when it happens. Men are like that.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh I love random posts! And I agree with Kristina, Tina rocks! My favorite line from 30 rock is when she says

"I wan to go to there"

30 rock rocks!

(sorry bout your hair!)

Scary Mommy said...

LOL-- I love this: "I look at Facebook every day, just to see if anyone said or threw anything at me." I'm so sick of having things virtually pelted at me-- what's up with that??!

Nap Warden said... had me at Tina Fey is not funny! I couldn't agree with you more:)

HeatherPride said...

Yeah, I don't get the Tina Fey humor either. She's just never really struck me as being hilarious. I am looking forward to seeing the new Amy Poehler show, though!