Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Fun and Drama!

I really love hanging out with all my girl friends, and getting together to celebrate one of their last night before they get married! I went to Myrtle Beach this past weekend for just that reason! My friend Kelly is getting married in a about 4 weeks, and she invited me to come along to the festivities.

But it was a drama filled weekend to say the least. I went down with 3 of my closest friends, and the other girls(who I did not know at all, and will call the Stormy weather girls) went down early to check into the hotel and go shopping. The stormy weather girls were supposed to check in, so that we got down to the beach we would have a place to put our stuff.

Do you think that happened?

No, when we got down there at 4:30, we called the SWG(stormy weather girls, I'm lazy) and they said that they were still shopping and could not leave yet. All my girls did not want to go shopping because we were going shopping on Sunday not saturday. Anyway so we have no place to put our stuff, so we decide to go to the beach. We get everything out to the beach, and the SWG call us and say we checked in. We got to the see the beach for an hour.

So we finally show up at the hotel at around 6:30, and we all walk into the townhouse that they rented, and not one single SWG even looked up at us. They did not say Hey, how are you, what's up? Now I know that I did not know any of these girls, but common courtesy says to welcome people when they come in the door. Plus I am shy you have to talk to me first!

So my girls and drop our stuff in the Foyer, and walk right back out on to the porch. At this point Kelly the bachelorette was not at the hotel, and she would have probably made this better. We all had big attitudes, and we were thinking about leaving and finding our own hotel. It was unneccesary drama! But Kelly showed up and we made it better. Some of the SWG ended up being pretty cool. We had fun, and I am not allowed to blog about what happened the rest of the night. Bride's Secret!

On Sunday I came home to my husband, and we decided that we should go get something to eat. I was super tired, so I wanted something fast. We are slowly turning into old people because we wanted to go to K&W Cafeteria. Its a restaurant in the south where essentially like a cafeteria. No one really under 60 except for us is there.

Now I am in line and I have my tray filled with all my goodies to eat. I am the next person to the register, and my husband is behind me. I have this conversation with the guy in the register before me.

Cashier: Is she with you? (pointing to me)

Guy in front of me talking to the cashier: No, but if she wants to pay for it, I will let her.

Me: Laugh awkwardly. (At this point in the conversation, I am rubbing my belly because I am hungry, and my shirt is soft)

Guy in front of me: Well now you look hungry, and the way you are rubbing your belly I would say you are pregnant!

Me: Ummm No. more awkward laugh.

At this point the cashier, the drink guy, and my husband all have their eyes wide open, because they can't believe that guy asked me that question. Now I have a complex! I have a little muffin top, but it is no where in the category of she might be pregnant or she just might be fat!

I need to stop rubbing my belly when I am about to eat! I just love food!

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Kristina P. said...

What a crazy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time after all, I am jealous!! I love eating at cafeteria style places, it's fun getting to load up a tray and pick what you want. Yes, rubbing your tummy is usually a prego thing, better watch that!! ;-) What did the poor guy say after you told him you weren't??