Friday, December 5, 2008

Britney: For the Record

I just walked in to my house, and my husband was not home. So that means I can watch all the reality shows I can fit in. Britney: For the record is the first thing that I see to watch.

It was kind of sad, and I am not sure to feel her pain, or laugh at her. She was really, at least I think, crying because she is sad. She can't get away from her life with paparazzi. I am not sure what to think about it.

But in the middle of this is a Madonna concert. Madonna looks crazier than Britney. Madonna's eyebrows were about to attack her face!! She did not look like the young Madonna that I remember dancing and singing to. I was 8 singing "Like a Virgin" I didn't even know what that meant!!

But the "documentary" kind of showed that Britney is a real person. She has made mistakes, but who hasn't? Now my mistakes aren't posted on US Weekly for everyone to judge. I hope there is help out there for Britney.

I read the magazines, and I keep up with the pop culture. I know I shouldn't but I don't care to much for the politics, so I like to keep up with pop culture. So at least I will be up on my current events!

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Carrie said...

I haven't seen the documentary, but I do feel sorry for her having to live her life the way she does. However, I do wonder if she really dislikes it or if it is more of a love/hate thing.

I am going to see her in April with some girlfriends and it is sure to be a blast!

Anonymous said...

I love Britney and I am soooo glad to see her getting her shit back together. Of course, I can never forget the images of her looking like she did during the whole head shaved/nuthouse year, but I love an underdog story!! I hope she gets better than ever and learns to deal with fame in a healthy-ish way and stay away from losers.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was good. And I really felt like it woudl be super difficult to always be hounded. As much as it would be cool to be famous, or popular, there is such a price to pay. I'll just try and be Blog Famous. Which seems a lot safer!

Anonymous said...

(this is about your comment to me. I can't email you back since it says no reply, so I am going to use your comments page)
It's funny all the people who will 'be back' and what not. Then I looked at my counter and thought WTHeck? Like 600 hits in 3 days...but where are the comments to match that? I understand that each time you click on each post it counts, but still...come on!
It was still fun! And I did find lots of new blogs, so I have some new reading material!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you must be my long lost twin, Lol! I did the SAME thing the other night. Hubby wasn't home and that Britney show was on MTV and I thought, yay, I've wanted to watch this! Haha!

Mrs. Buck said...

Yay, Britney is back! I love her!!