Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yesterday was wild!!!! I had 50 comments on my blog by joining The Secret is in the Sauce! It was truly amazing, and even though I did it so I could win cool stuff. I saw lots of different blogs, but I did not win a darn thing!

Oh Well! Back to the regularly scheduled programming of mediocre posts and few commenters.

Today I was going to show my whole house decorated for Christmas, but my sweet sweet hubby is not finished putting the wreaths on the windows. He also has to put the spotlights out, so people can actually see the wreaths. This would also mean that I have to clean the house, so it will definitely have to wait until this weekend.

I have been busy shopping, watching all the Christmas movies on Lifetime, and working! I can not believe that it is only three weeks until Christmas!! I still have a few more presents to buy and I have no idea what to get. Why is it so hard to buy presents!! I hang out with my family 365 days a year, and I still do not know what to get them!!

I have my mother in law, grandmother in law(is that even a word), mema, aunt, other mema, dad, husband to buy presents for this year.

My mother in law told us we could get her a heated towel rack, that she already bought and put up in her bathroom. So does that mean we just give her the money? Merry Christmas I bought my own present!

Our family just picks stuff out, and hope they like it.

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The Nice One said...

I am freaking out that it is right around the corner! I have SO MUCH work to get done!!! Weird about the Mother In Law...sounds familiar!

Carla said...

I agree! I'm new to SITS, nice to meet cha!

Anonymous said...

I considered joining SITS but is it a lot of work? I have a hard time keeping up with my current blog list. Let me know what it's like.

misspro312 said...

I started out really strong, but you just have to comment two times, one at sits and one for the blog feature.

I don't do it everyday, but I try.

Carrie said...

Haha, that is funny about your mother in law! It is crazy how fast Christmas comes. You really have hardly any time after Thanksgiving to get everything together.

The Acting Mom said...

Don't go back to blah posts and little comments! Keep up with SITS! I am sure some people will keep commenting (like me).

I LOVE the way your husband proposed! I couldn't tell what it was, but now that you explained it, I understand. Very cool!

Carole said...

I happend onto your blog from another blog that you are a fellow follower. OK You have to tell me, he wrote it in the snow to propose????? That is utterly amazing! What a Prince Charming. Love it love it love it! Great blog BTW!

Mrs. S said...

thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.