Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol.

Ok so I love American Idol. Really its a good show for the most part. I am watching it now and I was kind of mad last week at Mariah Carey last week that no one sang "Fantasy" you know the one that goes "Oh when you walk by every nite, talking sweet and looking fine..." something like that. Anyway my favorite is David Archuleta. I know he is like Clay Aiken but when Clay was on American Idol I liked him. Not so much now he is kinda weird. David A. actually looked into the camera tonite and gave what my friends like to call bedroom eyes. You know those eyes that look like they are gazing into you. It can be taken sexually but not by a 17 year old and a married woman. But I know some girls were swooning. Blake did it best last year that just melted your heart, ( he was older and I wasn't married so it meant something different.)

Heres why I had to write. David Cook last week sang what I thought was an awful rendition of always be my baby. Which is one of my favorite MC songs. But tonite he totally redeemed himself by singing Music of the night. I loved it brought chills to me.

On the other hand I think that Brooke ruined it for herself by stopping and starting over. Just my opinion.

4 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Jerbecca said...

I like Brooke, but after tonight I think she's gone. She stopped and started over again several weeks ago when she was playing on piano, and they praised her for that. then tonight they told her she shouldn't do that? I love David A.! He's just so cute and sweet! And of course David Cook did much better tonight!!

Annabeth said...

I LOVE David A!!!I think Brook will go home!:(

The Nester said...

Hey girl, there wasn't an email for me to respond to your question--I'll answer it in the replys--about the rod!

Love you girl!

The Nester said...

PS--I think Brook's gone as much as I would love to be her best friend.

David Cooke--l.o.v.e. the end. I even broke down and voted for him 6 times. I haven't voted since blake and Chris Daughtry.