Monday, April 21, 2008

It's been a long long time....

I know I have not written since last week but I haven't had anything new to report. Since I can't find my camera, I can't take pictures. I am sitting here watching Dancing with the stars. Michael and I went to Sam's clun tonite because we were looking for a dual alarm clock. I was getting very tired of resetting the alarm everynite and every morning when Michael got out of bed. So now it has two alarms, I just have to turn Michael's off and it will still wake me up. Here is the good thing it also has a holder for my ipod which I have been wanting anyway, so now I can listen to my ipod without the earphones. Michael went fishing all day on sunday, so I hung out with my cousin and his wife. We went to Chili's and then a movie. Street Kings was the movie and it was ok. My cousing fell asleep, but I liked it. One of those dirty cop movies, and it had short haired Keanu Reeves. Don't tell my husband but he was hot. Actually this week Michael got the water treatment installed, now no more hard water. This means no more build up in the hair. My hair has been nasty since I moved in with my husband and now it is clean again. We have well water and it was really hard water. So hard it wouldn't wash the shampoo out of my hair good enough. Anyway sounds gross but now its soft again, like a little girl. No more buildup.

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