Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Five....Five Dollar....Five Dollar Foot long

I saw this commercial a few times in the past couple days and now I can't get it out of my head. Its got a catchy ring to it. I was looking at my blog and I don't have any pictures on my blog. I can't find my camera and I don't know where my husband's is. So I guess I can put old pics on there. Bachelorette Party 043

This was at my bachelorette party. We were rocking the red high heels.

Bachelorette Party 048

Sit down dosi - do doing the watermelon crawl.

Bachelorette Party 234

Here is my feet the net morning because just cause the red high heels look cute, I had to take them off to dance. I know its gross, that's why you wear comfy shoes all the time.

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Jerbecca said...

hi- i saw your comment on andreas blog. it's rebecca- jeremy's wife. you have a beautiful blog. i am getting andrea to design mine. i'm so excited! good to see that you're doing well. congrats!