Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Layout

I got a new template. Hope everyone likes it. I thought the other one was a little edgy and that's really not me. I mean I want to be edgy but I'm not. I am a lot of talk. Michael and I took our nephew to Fun, Fun, Fun. Its this place has an arcade and lazer tag. We spent 20 dollars on tokens for the three of us and we spent like an hour and a half. Michael's nephew is 5 so it doesn't take much to entertain. He is a fun little boy but he will talk your ear off. And don't say anything bad in front of him cause he will repeat it. Loudly!! We were eating and I had a salad and it was not very good. The restaurant was a small little place and while I was eating the salad I said quietly "This salad is not good" and then our nephew says loudly "WHAT THE SALAD IS BAD." It was funny. Annabell just dropped a cup of ice on the ground that michael left out. Gotta go.

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