Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Night Fever!

It's Saturday night at 8 and I am not allowed to go anywhere, my husband and I went to the early bird special so we could come home and watch the NCAA Final four. Boring for me. We went to eat at Joe's Crab shack. Now I have only been there once for lunch and I thought it was pretty good. So I decided we needed to go somewhere new and we tried it. My husband had never been there. Its not that great the second time. And they are a annoying restaurant. I like to go out to eat and enjoy my meal and the people I am with. I sure don't want to sit there while they have a million birthdays and they have to include the whole restaurant. Sing Happy Birthday but you don't have to announce it to the whole restaurant. I am sorry but I don't care its your birthday. And on top of that they started the disco lights and then they played Car Wash and the wait staff danced. Now I have worked at restaurants as a server, but I would not work at a place like that. Its embarrasing. Only old people and kids enjoy that stuff. Now I may sound like an elitist but its true. If I wanted to see people dance I would go to the club. Also another annoying thing. While my husband and I were standing waiting on a table to open, there was another couple standing to our right. We were not blocking the doorway at all to get out. This guy comes toward us to the left and instead of walking around us he proceeds to try to walk between us. My husband and I were standing pretty close together, not hugging but I could reach out and touch him. So this guy trys to walk between and we don't separate so Michael moves to the right and the guy walks right by him. How rude! why couldn't the guy walk around us. So guy walks by and towards the door I am giving him a mean look and starting to say how rude and other stuff. The couple on the other side is laughing because they would have done the same thing had that happened to them. It was just rude walk around some people you lazy person. Other than that my husband and I went to cracker barrel this morning and then proceeded to sleep our saturday away, really my husband did.

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