Thursday, June 19, 2008

5 Months Today!!!!!!


My husband and I have been married for 5 months. I know it seems like a long time and most couples don't make it this far. But we made it!!!!

We are still in love and still happy to see each other. Things may change next month but right now I love him!!!!! I will always love him. He makes me absolutely happy. He is the funniest man I know. He is also the sexiest. Brad Pitt's got nothing on my baby!

Its 8:30 at night and he is in the bed. He is tired. His birthday is on Monday so lots of celebrating this weekend.

We are currently planning separate vacations because he doesn't want to go to Alabama to see our new nephew or niece, so my best friend is going with me. He is going to Las Vegas with his best friend. He is only going for 3 days and I am going for a whole week. I don't want to go to Vegas.

Oh funny thing, I bought his birthday present from a store called the Dancer. I can't tell you what I bought cause he reads this. But he looked at the bank account.

This was the conversation.

Husband: Come look at this on the bank account.

Me: What?

Husband: Who bought something from the dancer for 45 dollars.

Me: Its for your birthday.

Husband: Oh (smile on his face.)

Me: No its not a dancer, what kind of ghetto girl would I get for 45 dollars.

Ok so that might not have been that funny but to me it was.

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