Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reality TV

My husband hates reality TV!

With that said, there is a lot of reality tv on this summer. And I love reality TV. I do not have kids to talk about so I will talk about TV.

My new favorite reality shows are

Legally Blonde The Musical

MTV's The next broadway elle woods.
I love musicals and reality and this is the best of both worlds.

The Mole

I loved this show when it was on a few years ago, and then they cancelled. But before they cancelled it, they did a celebrity edition. Nothing is better than Kathy Griffin and the cute guy from The Princess Diaries.

Ok this is bad but I can't help it. Its like a car wreck and I can't stop looking at it. This next show is new and am in the midst of watching the second episode right now.

Denise Richards It's Complicated.
Denise Richards

I also love this show, and its been on a while now.

Jon and Kate plus 8

jon and kate plus 8

The kids are cute, and the parents crack me up. I think Kate is really like most stay at home moms who are great with their kids and tells their husband what to do. Sometimes Jon doesn't have a backbone but sometimes he does.

The best thing about this is DVR. I can watch the shows I want to when he is at work or on saturdays. He is farming today so I get to get caught up.

There are more shows but its time consuming to copy and paste the urls for the pics.

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