Saturday, June 7, 2008

I think his tractor sexy!!!

sexy tractor

My husband is a farmer, and while I knew that while we were dating, I did not know the extent of it. Here is what it means: My husband works his full time job for 10 hours and then after he is done he goes to the farm for another 4 or 5 hours. He loves to farm!

I love the passion that he has for his work! I love that he loves to provide for his family by farming the land! I love him and all he does. I know this is just the beginning of farming. I can make that sacrifice because its what he loves.

But its long nights for me without him. Especially today because he is usually home on saturdays. It was fun the first night because I got to watch all my reality shows. But today I have to clean the house and I don't want to.

America's Best Dance crew is on and it looks a whole lot better than cleaning this house.


Oh and we are going to the melting pot tonight in Raleigh! I have never been there but I am excited. I love to eat!

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