Monday, June 16, 2008

The best thing I saw on the way home.

So today I am driving home from eating dinner with my husband. We drove in different cars to dinner because we just got off work. We love to eat and can't wait to get home, so we meet for dinner. Anyway back to what I saw.

I am driving down a big highway and there is a SUV pulled over and there is a man in the back passenger seat on the right of the car. I see a booster seat by his feet and then I see two little legs coming out of the side of him.

He had stopped on a major highway to spank his kid. He was holding the kid up by his arm and using the other arm to spank him.

That kid must have done something realy bad.

When I was little my mom or dad could just turn around and swat my knees and we were done annoying them. But to actually stop, pull your kid out, and spank him while holding him. That kid must have really done it.

I say this is the best thing because there are so many parents out there that do time out and they wonder why they act like wild children.

Some kids need it, I know I did. If I didn't then I probably wouldn't be this well-behaved.

However if this was not his kid or he was beating him in plain sight, then that is completely wrong.

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