Saturday, June 28, 2008


Dear Singing Office Hosts,

I would like to send a letter out to the hosts of The Singing Office Joey Fatone and Mel B(Scary Spice). I have seen the previews for the new show on TLC and I would love for you to come to my office.

Our office would be a great candidate! We have an office of about 25 women and one man.

Just to let you know I have the moves. I can dance like Saturday Night Fever. My singing may need some work but I can read music. I am a great student!!!

Please come because my office is so boring. It needs something to get it out its funk.

Maybe I just need it. If I have to go to work for another mundane day, I will scream. I need some disco hustlin', electric slide, I will Survive, macarena fun!!!

So Joey Fatone and Mel B surprise our office with singing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael and Jim singing.

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