Monday, June 30, 2008

6 more days!

Its almost my birfday!!!! That's how I say it! I will be 28!!! I really did not want to turn 27 because I was unmarried and all my friends were getting married. I was also the last one in our family to get married besides my cousin who is 13.

Anyway since that birfday I got married and love it!!! Now I don't mind turning 28 and I am excited. My first birfday as a wife.

My husband won't tell me what he got me for my birfday!!!!

I also love that my birthday is around the 4th of July that I get three days to celebrate. Especially since this weekend is a three day weekend. No work on my birfday!!

Now honey fix the boat so we can go to the lake for my birfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water Skiing

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