Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I found this note at this blog. But this is what my husband would do. He can not stand to have unused minutes on the microwave. I asked him if he wrote this note, but his job doesn't have microwaves.

When I used to live with my aunt, we would always leave unused time on the microwave. Everytime my husband (boyfriend at the time) came over to visit, he would have to push clear on the microwave. It drove him absolutely crazy.

Husband: There were 2 seconds left on the microwave? You couldn't wait two seconds?

Me: It sounded like it was burning?

Husband: (Throws his hands up in disguist)

But I have an OCD about not drinking diet coke out of McDonald's cups, so we can't all be perfect.

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M said...

Thanks for the link, I had a great time reading those :)