Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby Shower!!!

Ok I am planning a baby shower for my SIL. I love to plan parties and make list. I love having all the attention on me. Well really it will be on my SIL, but its my house so people have to be nice to me.

Here is what I have to get done in 6 days.

*Finish cleaning the house(started yesterday but really just let the roomba run and did laundry)

*buy the rest of the ingredients(today I bought the watermelon, meatballs, and crackers.)

*buy decorations(I bought the lemonade thingy but I need plates, cups, cute baby stuff.)

*make cake balls(from this great website and a almost a two day process, hope I get it right)

*finish decorating my house(ie getting my husband to hang pictures)

Oh and everything has to be yellow or green because they are not finding out what the sex is going to be.

If there any pregnant people out there that don't want to find out you're stupid. Really they only sell pink and blue things. There is really like one yellow outfit that maybe a boy could wear if you weren't leaving the house. I know that cause I have looked.

Really when I get pregnant I am going to find out so everyone can get me pink or blue. But don't worry, I don't want to ruin my body yet or not have a life anymore. But there are great moms out there that love their kids and could not be happier, maybe my maternal instincts haven't kicked in yet.

I might not even have kids but that is a another whole blog on why I might not want kids.

2 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Jody, Sarah, Emma, Anna & Lizzy said...

PUNK!!! Who cares if YOU can't shop. Not findinhg out is the best surprise EVER! We have lots of green and yellow outfits that would look great on a boy if we had one, which we wouldn't know until I actually pushed him out! You crack me up...

Dalton Gang said...

:) I also loved not knowing what I was having! We had tons of cute outfits that weren't blue or pink. Looking forward to seeing you at the shower. Can you please email me email info on Pam, Peggy and your Mema?