Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Dress!

Ok I am going to a wedding next weekend and its at a hoity toity (not sure on the spelling) country club. Its Michael's side of the family. My side of the family doesn't do that. Anyway we are going to this wedding and the bride's step father is a prominent judge in our town.

Funny story: This lady I used to work with, lets call her hoochie, cause that's what she was. Anyway Hoochie used to think that she knew all about this prominent judge and they were best friends. When he was retiring his last day of work she wanted to go see him, so she could say congrats and show me she knew him. Crazy I know! So I had never met him before this, but he knows my husband(this was before we were married.) My husband and his stepchildren are cousins.

So Hoochie finds him and we are in a hallway behind the courtrooms where judges hang out. And she is saying how a great judge he was and how she is going to miss him. She almost starts crying about it and prominent judge is looking like "Who is this woman and why is she crying?"

So then she introduces me and I tell him who my boyfriend is. The prominent judge starts talking to me and ignoring her and telling me he loves my boyfriend and how he is such a good guy and on and on. After he says that the hoochie says I'm a good girl too. Awkward moment! The prominent judge and I are looking at each other with fake smiles, not knowing what to say. It was crazy!!! Finally we left and hopefully he only thought she was crazy and I was her co-worker. I don't remember how this conversation ended but it was awkward.

I have not talked to this judge since then, except at our wedding. He left his umbrella in the room where we were hanging out waiting for people to leave so we could take pictures. I happened to be standing near the door and when he knocked and opened the door. He wanted his umbrella and I handed it him. Me in my wedding gown acting like a coat check person. Nice! I didn't even get a tip!

So the whole reason of this post was to show off this dress I bought today from express. It was over half off the price.


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