Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Alone

Right now I am watching Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood AND The Secret Lives on Women: Female Gang Members. My husband is out being a hero to one of his employees. Annabell and I are sitting here watching TV that my hubby hates, and eating a sugar free fudgsicle.(Which by the way is really hard to do and type.)

I wish I was a part of a gang. Then I could be intimidating. I don't have one ounce of intimidation in my body, but just once have people fear me. As I watch about female gang members, I would not want to be jumped in(getting beat up by lots of people). Lets face it, I don't want to get hurt just intimidating(Intimidators don't get hurt, they hurt other people.)

However I am too nice or naive to hurt people. My hubby may beg to differ!

But if I join a gang, I would have friends for life. The only way out is death. Thug Life all the way!

On a lighter note, I would like to be best friends with Tori Spelling. I love her haircut, and when I can convince my husband that I would look great as a short haired girl. Yes she did cheat on her first husband, but she married him. They seem to have a great relationship. What do I know though?


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