Friday, July 11, 2008

What the Hey?

Dear Pregnant Man,




Just to let you know!

You think because you don't have boobies, and that you have facial hair that that justiifies you as a man. Guess what there are plenty of women out there that don't have boobs, but are women.

Your so-called wife is a lesbian and so are you.

At first when I read your story I was intriuged until I saw that you have a va-jj! That makes you a WOMAN!!!

You are no miracle!!

If I took off my boobs and grew a 'stache, my husband would still love me. Oh and without hormones, I could grow a beard. I have some Lumbee in me. My husband would be grossed out, but he would still love me. Well I just asked him if he would love me and he said no.

Oh well but guess what?

I would still be a WOMAN!

Just like you!

This is a picture of you when you tried being a girl. You are beautiful. When you tried. I read you were into modeling. What happened that you wanted to become a man? I do not understand it.

You are just a pregnant lesbian with facial hair. There is nothing to see people. Oprah of all people should see right through this. I mean you were fooled once with the whole James Frey thing.

I also saw that you gave birth to the baby girl. I pray for this child.

1 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Sara said...

Hi, I followed your comment from Mike Phillips' blog. I'm his girlfriend, Sara.

You know, when the This American Life episode came out, a lot of people on the internet said a lot of shitty things about us. About what a freak I am to love Mike. About how he should just be "put out of his misery." About how our love for each other wasn't real, because he wasn't their idea of a real man.

He's not a real man to them because he can't walk. Because he can't stand up. And because they assume he can't love.

I know you feel like this couple don't really exist. If you met them at church or a book group you'd never say something like this to their face. But they're real people, living their lives the way they want, over large odds. They're happy. And they don't need a lot of people they don't know saying nasty things about them.

He's a man who was born with the wrong set of hormones and body parts. Just like Mike was born with the wrong set of proteins and nerves. Both of them have bodies that are a little different from most. But that doesn't mean they're not real men.

You might want to be a little more thoughtful before you start saying mean things about people you don't know on the internet.