Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking Back on the Memory of.....

I just found out this weekend that my 10 year reunion is in September!! I am not sure if I want to go. I had a lot of school spirit and I had a few friends. I was not on the homecoming court, I didn't go to the prom, and only had one date in high school.

These were not the most memorable years.

But my senior year I had a blast!

I had three best friends a girl could ask for!! We hung out constantly(skipped school), spring break(Wilmington, Where is everybody), and for the most part they have lasted until now(Where are you Becky?).

Girls don't be mad!
It was 1998 and we were done with school!!

Now high school has come back into my life. It is kind of scary because I wish I had made more friends and not been so quiet.

Senior Year:




The only thing I want from high school is my body. Well just the skinny part not the boobs or lack of at that time.

So since my high school reunion is coming up, I have decided I can use it as a goal to lose some weight. So if I go I can look good, and if I don't go I can still look good.

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