Saturday, July 12, 2008

Work on a Saturday!

Ok my mother and my aunt own a basket shop in our little town. They recently bought a new building and renovating it themselves(scratch that, they are using family members at no cost to them). So this past weekend and this weekend I have had to help. Last week it was painting, this week is watching the shop so my mom can get some stuff done.

This also happens to be the week one owner (my aunt) and one employee (my mema) decide to go on vacation. Not together of course.

So that is 2 Saturdays in a row that I can't sleep in. Oh and heaven forbid that other than Sunday my husband has to get up at the crack of dawn to do man stuff. I sleep much better if he would just stay in bed.

Although I get rewarded tonight because it is one of my friend's birthday and we are going out to celebrate!!!

Girl's night out!!

I do not go out that much with just the girls, maybe once every three months. Which is about what I did before I got married.

My friends on the other hand go out every weekend no matter what. They are single and love it. So this is nothing special to them. Even if I was single I could not do that.

I am now the old married lady. Thats ok though I still have my liver and my diginty.

After I get home from working at the shop, I have to clean my house. My husband has been home this whole week from vacation.

Do you think he did anything resembling cleaning?

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