Sunday, October 26, 2008

The most awkward moment!

Yesterday my husband and I went over to take our niece and nephew to their grandparents. (husband's parents) The kids were going to a Trunk or Treat at the local church. Our little 3 year old niece is dressing up as Cinderella. She was just so cute as Cinderella. I thought we could put her hair up and be really cute like a princess.

My hubby was sleeping in the chair, and his mom and I were getting the kids ready. I needed a ponytail holder for my niece's hair. She told me they were in the top drawer in the bathroom, and to go ahead and get them.

I walk in to the hallway and look up and there is my father in law in his whity tightys. He was in the hallway walking betweenn the bedroom and the bathroom. I see him and I just stopped. I could not say anything!!! I just turn right around and go back to the living room.

My hubby's mom is asking whether I got the ponytail holder, and all I can do is laugh. I am laughing so hard I can't tell her what I saw. Finally I get it out that I saw her husband in his scivvies, and she is cracking up!!!

I tell my husband later and he just laughs at me.

Today we go over there, and they were getting ready to go to lunch. My hubby comes up behind me and says "My dad is changing if you want to go back there."

I was so embarassed, and I can never look him in the eye again!

4 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Anonymous said...

Gross. I feel your pain. That would totally gross me out. lol! But it is SO funny! (since it didn't happen to me) :-)

My question is, can you look the man in the eye now? Without laughing or conjuring up that image?

misspro312 said...

I can NOT look at him in the eye!!!! But he is the sweetest man you ever met, so he is very forgiving!

Anonymous said...

At least the family has a sense of humor about it. I love it that your MIL was dying laughing. So funny!

Rebecca said...

I really like the new look of your blog! (I'm not sure how new it is b/c my computer was down for a while so it's been a while!!)