Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You Guys Like me, You really like me!!!

I went to work this morning, and as I was reading my daily blogs, I came across this blog award for little old me.

Mrs. D gave me this award and I was just flabergasted. She is my regular commenter, when mostly everyone else is sporadic. Thank you so much!!! I wrote a post a long time ago, about how no one commented on my blog. I deleted it because it was such a pity party, so when I finally got some readers, I was estastic!!! People that know me and don't know me read this blog. Now I know I am no Mama's Losin' it or Ashley's Closet, but this has truly made my day!

I want to give this award to Mrs. Bliss, because she gave me the next award, and she is newlywed like me!!

Then I went to Mrs. Bliss blog, and she had an award for me too!!!! I was absolutely shocked!!!! I can't believe it!!

This one had some rules so I was going to give this away to some people.

1. You may only choose five people/blogs to give the award to.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be a new follower of your blog or live in another part of the world.

Ok this might be a little hard. I don't have that many readers! Here goes nothing:

1. Mrs. D of course, she is my regualar commenter and a dedicated follower!! She is going to be excited, I think she has about 20 awards.

2. Weeksie50 at Smile! It's Becky, She follows my blog, and she has a great blog too!

3. Sarah at the Livingston Family: She has been my BFF since High school, and she started a blog, and I wanted to be just like her so I started a blog too!

4. Dalton Gang, she is my cousin, and I love reading her blog about her kids and how she homeschools them.

5. Heather at the Kettle Corn Queen, she lives in my town, and she has cute kids.

This is great, and I am truly blessed. It gives me so much encouragement to keep writing!!!

3 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Anonymous said...

YAY US!!!! I don't know what is in the air, but the bloggy love is going around, isn't it? I love awards!! Congrats on your own, and thank you for the gold card, I'll display it proudly! :-)

Weeksie50 said...

Surprise! I left you some bloggy love on my blog to.. come on over and check it out..

Thank you for honoring me with this award!

Mrs. Buck said...

Thank you sooooo much! So sweet of you!