Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird but funny

This is how people find my blog, Seriously? If you have Google Analytics you can find how people search keywords to find your blog.

Ok this one is easy because I talk about it every Monday.

"country boy" dating "city girl"
I would not have it any other way, but why the quotes? Are you not sure you are country boy or a city girl

"tried being a girl"
Again with the quotes! I am not sure I ever wrote about trying to be a girl, but this ain't no cross dressing blog! I may be private, but I am a girl. I am not trying at all.

duggar weedding pictures
This is exactly how it is spelled, in fact I got a lot of searches from my duggar post, also included in searches is
hate blogs about the duggars
That post was not a hate blog about the duggars!! It was strictly opinion!! Get it right!

Macramed jean short
The reason I used these words were from a quote from 40 year old virgin from this post. I guess someone was looking for a pair. They sure didn't find them here.
Someone searched and found my blog?!? Why would you use google to find google?

marriage proposal on stage with chuck wicks
I was proposed to in a much cooler way! Even though every time I hear "Stealing Cinderella" I tear up!!

Pictures of cute country boys
If you were looking for some, you will only find one here. That is my hubby!

He is the original country boy!!

I can only imagine what people are searching for on google. I am sure they are even more shocked to end up on my blog. But if you coming to visit, you could at least comment on your findings!!

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