Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Proposal Story!!!

This weekend is one year after my husband asked me to marry him. I am not sure if have wrote about this before, but what a better time at the anniversary.

My husband had been planning this for about two months before he asked me, and it was very calculated. Let me tell you my side, and then I will tell you his side.

It was a Friday afternoon and my hubby asked me to come to his house after work because we were meeting friends at Miyabi's for dinner. Miyabi's is a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you(important later).

When I got to my hubby's house he told me to get into the car, because he had left a computer on a job site. He was very nervous, and he said he had to hurry and get that computer. It was about 25 minutes away, and we had to hurry to make dinner. Once we got to the job site, I could see the bulldozer, and my hubby got out. I am in the car not paying attention to anything, and thinking about whether I want chicken or steak at Miyabi's.

After a few seconds, I look out the window to my right and I see my hubby throwing a towel on the ground, and a box in his hands. I see him get on one knee and I jump out of the car crying!! When I get up to him, he says Will you.... and he turns me around, and this is what I see.

(Ok that is not the view I see, that was an airplane taking a picture, more on that later)

He took his bulldozer and wrote Marry Me in 40 foot letters against the side of a hill!! It was amazing, and I was in shock!! Of course I said yes!!

He went to my parent's house the night before and bought dinner and flowers for my parents and my grandma. He told me he was at a farmer's meeting and would not be able to see him. He also went shopping with his sister a few weeks before that for my ring. I was really mad at him because he was supposed to spend that day with me. But everything fell into place and I was absolutely shocked! We had been talking about marriage and I was ready to marry him. You know how girls are! I thought it was going to be a few more months away.

My hubby went to a local airport and had a pilot drive over and take pictures. Also the newspaper editor was flying over the marry me sign and wrote an editorial about it. I called him and told him the back story, and he printed another article about it. Actually a few magazines called us, but they were bulldozing magazines, not People or anything. It was an amazing time!!! It will always be in my heart as the most unique proposal.

If you are married, how were you proposed too?

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Dalton Gang said...

Congrats on your first anniversary! Thanks for sharing the story with everyone on your blog...Thanks also for the blog award. Sorry it has taken so long to respond. I have been out of town with my Dad.

Mrs. Buck said...

That's so cool, those letters are huge!!

Did you do the search function on Mint to try to find your bank? I think they have way more than just what they list on the site - maybe worth a try, but I'm 50/50 on going back to my spreadsheet too, I felt more in control then...

misspro312 said...

I searched for my bank, but they didn't have it. I might just have to start something.