Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ode to Cloris Leachman

This is to Mrs. D, who does not know who or what Cloris Leachman is about. A little biography of Cloris Leachman according to Wikipedia.

Cloris Leachman (born April 30, 1926) is an Academy Award-winning American actress of stage, film and television. She has won eight primetime Emmy Awards—more than any other female performer—and one Daytime Emmy Award. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the 1971 film The Last Picture Show, though she is best known for playing the nosy neighbor Phyllis Lindstrom on the 1970s TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and then later on the spinoff series, Phyllis. She also appeared in three Mel Brooks films, including Young Frankenstein.

Although I was not born when she was at her height of stardom. I do remember her. She took over for Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life.

This was when I watched Facts of Life. I may have been too young to understand the adult stories they were talking about but I remember Mrs. Garrett leaving and her sister Beverly Ann taking over for her. I am sure she has been in other things, but who really cares. She is on DWTS, and she really needs to go home.

I hope this helps Mrs. D!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh YEAH!!! If you'd called her the "other house mom from the Facts of Life with the sissy son" I'd known EXACTLY who you meant!!! lol!!! Wow, she's aged. Thanks for this post, it totally cracked me up, seriously. I am giggling as I type this. :-)

You are too funny!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea what her name was. And it was SO unbelievable that she was Mrs. G's sister. WTF?

Saucy said...

My age is showing here but I lurrved her on Mary Tyler Moore. Cloris Leachman rocks!