Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Writer's Workshop Wednesday: My Favorite Toy

Mama's Losin' It is doing a Writing Workshop and she gave a couple prompts for us bloggers to choose one to blog about: "My Favorite Toy or Blanket", or "I Wish I Could"

I chose "My Favorite Toy"

My Favorite Toy as a child was The Barbie Doll. I know that it is very generic but they were always there for me when I was little.

I love to dress Barbie, Ken, and little Skipper, and I would make up stories about their FABULOUS life! I had the doll houses made of Styrofoam, accessories, dresses. I even cut Barbie's hair!

Barbie even let me know that their was no Santa Claus. Picture this: Christmas 1989and I just had to have the Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe that doubled as an ice cream maker. Mattel makes up some great stuff!!


The spoons were stools for the Barbie butts, and the cart was the real ice cream maker. Anyway I knew my mom put the good presents in the trunk of her car, and I snuck out to see what was in there. There in the trunk was my Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe. On Christmas morning, my Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe with a tag saying it was from Santa Claus! (Side note: This started my spoiling Christmas for myself because I had to know what I was getting on that day.)

When Barbie and the Rockers came out, with their hit song "Barbie and the Rockers, Rocking Out! We totally are in the groove."

I had the whole band, the stage, the instruments, and the pink cassette with their songs.
It never got old!

Then one day it did.

I don't know what happened or what major event but I had to be around 12 or 13(I was a late bloomer!!!) Barbie started getting packed up in the shoebox and coming out less and less.

I would have no more Barbie and Ken wedding with me holding their legs, and pushing their heads together to kiss.

The Barbie and the Rockers tour was over, and the band had broken up. It all had to do with the manager which was me.

Boys, school, sports, makeup started calling my attention. I have fond memories of those days, and sometimes I wish I could go back when my whole day revolved around what outfit Barbie would wear, where Ken was taking her on a date, and wishing one day my boobs would be as perky as Barbie's.

6 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Caroline said...

You're a fellow North Carolinian! I think Barbie was many a girl's favorite toy. She was something special that one. I played with my next door neighbor's Barbies, but never actually owned one of my own. I have no idea why not, but never did. Great post!

Tabi said...

My sister was the barbie fanatic! I used to go steal all her barbies just to make her mad! Great little sister was I! She still collects all the holiday barbies! Too bad the boys came along and ruined your barbie fun!

Mrs.D said...

I loved Barbies! I had the Barbie of Barbie and the Rockers and the red haired one with the blue jacket. I thought she was the prettiest. My all time favorite Barbie was my beautiful Peaches and Cream Barbie! She had the prettiest, fluffiest dress and that gorgeous sequin-like bodice. I got her for Christmas from my Grandpa I posted about (and Grandma,too) in 1986. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be returning to yours.

Kayla said...

I also loved barbies! I would play for hours with my aunt who was only a few years older then me. She even had "mork & mindy" dolls who would come "visit" barbie and ken. We had a great motor home that they loved to drive around the backyard!
I loved your story!

Angie said...

Hee Hee! The boobs part!
I use to "play barbies" with my aunt who was 5 years older than me. We use to play ALL THE Time, then I remember one day when I was 10, suddenly my aunt didn't want to play barbies anymore. I was devistated! My mom had to explain to me that my aunt was 15 now which was too old to play barbies anymore. What a sad, sad day for me. I enjoyed your story!

Melissa said...

I was in love with Barbie myself! I also had all of that Rockers stuff. I enjoyed reading your post. I see you are from NC too!!