Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Night at the Races!!!

I had my first experience of a Nascar race this weekend. My husband's friend called him and said he had two tickets to the Bristol race, and would we like to go with his family.

I was excited because I had never been, and that we would get together with J and his wife. Well I found out after that his wife was not going, and we were going to get to the racetrack at 12:00 and the race did not start until 7.

I started to get worried.

I think I have ADD and can not sit doing nothing for 7 hours!!

It ended up being completely different.

It was fun!

I brought a couple magazines, and a book in case I got bored.

And let me just say I have seen enough mullets, belly shirts with muffin tops, campers, and bad dye jobs to last me forever.

Oh and I forgot my camera.

Nascar puts on a awesome pre show!

First they had a country singer Darryl Worley sing a few songs, then they had a parade around the track with the drivers. There was fireworks, skydivers, and jet aeroplanes flying over. It was quite a show.

I don't want to toot my own horn but we are in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Anyway I enjoyed it.

I don't think its something that I could go to every week. It was very loud, like I had to use sign language because on top of the ear plugs you could not hear anything. Also the fumes from the tires was really strong.

It was different than anything I have ever seen.

My husband and I are big Kyle Busch fans, and we left about 50 laps from the end because our seats were not great.

We thought Kyle would win because he led the most laps, but he didn't. Also they had a little fight after that we missed!

It was fun though!

Edited to Add: Hubby tells me that he is not a big fan of Kyle Busch, he just likes the way he races. He is a big fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr., and before that of course Dale Earnhardt Sr. (I think sometimes I see him tear up when they show pictures of him.)

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