Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympics!!

Dummm Dummm Da dum da dum, da dun dun da dun...ok I tried to do the theme song to the Olympics.

I am way in the the Olympics, there is just something about comrade, competition, and tension that I love. My husband has never been a big Olympic fan

until now.

I have had him watch beach volleyball, women gymnastics, swimming, and synchronized diving. I know you are thinking its for the hot girls, but the synchronized diving was men.

Last night we watched a little of the swimming, and then today when we got home from work we watched what we could not stay up to watch. This is where a DVR comes in handy!

We knew the outcome of the 4 x 100 relay ourselves, by reading the news, but we had to watch it. It was amazing!!! There is nothing better than watching an unbelievable comeback for USA. Its something you have to see!

I couldn't find a picture of the whole team, but this will do! The boy has got some ears!

I have been into the Olympics ever since Kerri Strug landed the vault on a broken annle in the 1996 Olympics in ATL.

I also love the stories behind the athletes!

I love competitive swimming! In my younger days, I was a pretty good swimmer. I say I could still swim a 500 m, but I told my husband that and he laughed in my face!

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