Sunday, August 31, 2008

Out on the Lake!

My husband bought a ski boat in June of this year, and today was the first day we took it out on a real lake. We bought the ski boat off of a state auction, and my husband has never driven a boat before.


Last week we wanted to take the boat out, but I was at the beach. When I got back from the beach we wanted to take it somewhere close so we could drive it around, and get used to it. We could not get on the lake we wanted, so we went to his pond.

Yes we put a ski boat in a pond, but we did not ski.

Today we took it out on a real lake, and granted it is Labor day weekend. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods this morning and picked up an oar, a tube, air pump, and a rope. We did not end up using any of it. The lake was so choppy that we did not want to get out on it in the tube. There was a lot of boats on the water also. I also had to have the marina guy help me park it because once we got it off the trailor, it would not start for me.

It was very nice though. I grew up on the lake, and have always loved swimming and boating on the lake. It was nice to start an old tradition with my new husband. Even though we might have to wait until next summer to enjoy it fully!!

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Anonymous said...

We had a ski boat growing up, too, and it was so fun going boating every weekend. I miss that. Have fun with your new toy!