Friday, May 16, 2008

100 Things

I have seen this on a few blogs and since I am such a copy cat, I thought I would do it too! 100 things about me!

1. I am married.
2. I work for an insurance company.
3. I only dated my husband for a year and a half.
4. I still have the same best friend since I was junior in high school.(We lead busy lives but we try to keep up.)
5. I only had one date in high school.
6. I only like my eggs cooked with no yellow running out.
7. The eggs have to be completely burned.
8. I have the same morning routine Monday through Friday.
9. Shower, brush teeth, take pill, hair, makeup, hair, clothes, breakfast, and leave.
10. I am only at 10 and my mind is blank.
11. I can't drink coke or diet coke out of McDonald's cups.
12. They taste weird.
13. I can drink Pepsi from Taco Bell cups.
14. Those taste wonderful.
15. I hate to wear my hair the same way every day.
16. Sometimes straight hair and sometimes curly.
17. Depending on mood and weather.
18. I have to sleep under a sheet and a comforter.
19. My husband only sleeps under the comforter.
20. Our dog Annabell sleeps in the bed with us.
21. Annabell also stays in our bed while we make whoopy.
22. Is that weird?
23. Annabell actually turns away from us when we do that.
24. I have blue willow dinner plates for 10 years.
25. I have never used them.
26. I have one older brother.
27. He is 18 months older than me.
28. I have not had a regular pepsi in over a year.
29. I am watching girl interrupted right now.
30. My favorite movie of all time is That thing you do.
31. I love reality tv.
32. I played with barbies until I was 12.
33. I got a haircut in 8th grade that made me look like a boy.
34. Then about 6 months later I got a perm.
35. What was I thinking?
36. I have to sleep under 2 pillows.
37. I hate to work out.
38. I love to dance.
39. Whether its weddings, clubs, or in the car.
40. I think I have a great singing voice.
41. People that have heard me would beg to differ.
42. I am christian.
43. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins.
44. I hate to clean my house.
45. I am just lazy.
46. I met my husband on a blind date.
47. My aunt and his sister set us up.
48. His sister has been my aunt's hairstylist for 12 years.
49. Now she is my SIL and I get free haircuts.
50. My aunt still has to pay.
51. Over halfway done.
52. I like taking pictures.
53. But I lost my camera.
54. I have a great mother and father in law.
55. My parents are still married.
56. My husband's parents are still married.
57. My family on my mothers side, went to 5 weddings in a year and a half.
58. Three of those weddings were a month apart.
59. I was the last to get married, except for my 12 year old cousin.
60. And I am the second oldest of the cousins.
61. I worked as a lifegaurd for a trailer park when I was 16.
62. I had to go to summer school the year before my senior year.
63. It was for geometry, and I slept through most of it.
64. I used to be really skinny.
65. People thought I was anorexic.
66. People would not think that now.
67. My husband turns on the alarm every night.
68. Before I go to sleep I have to ask him if he set the alarm.
69. Even if I know he did.
70. My favorite food is spagetti.
71. I could literally eat it every night.
72. I can't cook that well.
73. Well if I tried, I probably could do ok. (See #45)
74. I like to dress my husband up in clothes I think would look good.
75. He doesn't alway agree.
76. I am not a morning person.
77. I have music ADD.
78. I will listen to a song that I really like and sing along.
79. Then I will change it after a few seconds to see if something else is on.
80. I like to put salt on my food that needs salt.
81. I watch Hannah Montana.
82. My husband thinks he married a 12 year old.
83. In fifth grade, I bought fake glasses.
84. I told everybody that I needed them.
85. Then they asked me what prescription I had.
86. I told them I didn't know.
87. My first boyfriend in 5th grade is now a total california hottie.
88. In 5th grade he had thick bottlecap glasses and spiked hair.
89. He moved in 7th grade.
90. We only dated a month.
91. I played softball for rec league for 5 years.
92. I have never broken a bone.
93. Now I hope I don't break one.
94. I used to run cross country.
95. Now I couldn't run if someone was chasing me.
96. My husband proposed to me using his bulldozer.
97. He wrote marry me in 40 foot letters on a side of a hill.
98. I was in a few papers about it.
99. I am almost done.
100. I have never ate spam.

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