Monday, May 19, 2008

Its a Bird!



landed on my purse!!!!

Oh and its dead.

And it was dead before it landed on my purse.

Here's the story:

My mema and I am just sitting in front of my mom's store. There is a table between us and glass panes behind us.
All the sudden we hear a loud bang and white stuff falling over us. It sounded like someone banged on the window. My mema and I were looking for where that noise came from.

Well I looked around and then finally noticed the bird on my purse.


The purse was about a foot away from my head too!

The bird could have landed on my head!

The bird flew into the window so hard it died on impact. Did I forget to mention that its deathbed was my purse!

So then my mema takes my purse and moves the bird to the ground. On my purse was all its blood. So my mema takes a water bottle and cleans off the blood, and tells me its fine.

No its not fine!

I need a new purse!

I can't even eat it makes me sick! OK lets not get crazy, I can eat.

But that dead bird on my purse!

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Jody, Sarah, Emma, Anna & Lizzy said...

Your blog makes me laugh