Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Indiana Jones Movie Theme Music"

Indiana Jones

So tonight my husband and I went and saw Indiana Jones, and I loved it. My husband did not really care for it. But I have always been a fan of Indiana Jones, maybe because I had a older brother. I looked up to him a lot growing up and I liked everything he liked.

Well the real reason is I have a little girl crush on Shia Labeuf, he is such a little cutie and funny. I used to love to watch him in Even Stevens which was on a few years ago. Yes on the Disney channel but whatever, I liked it. I think he is hilarous!
Shia, LaBeouf
I also organized my closet today, and took all my winter clothes and put them in the back bedroom. Oh and I also bought a whole summer wardrobe at Old Navy because they were having an awesome sale.

I still have some organizing to do, but thought I would blog. I got all weekend and Monday! No work!

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