Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Name Is Marriage.

My husband and I were watching My name is Earl tonight. We love DVR. Anyway Earl got married and he had a few things that got on his nerve that his new wife did or didn't do. These actually correlate with out annoyances.

1. Earl had a eating style that was chip sandwich chip crunch, and he didn't want to share his chips.

I can't drink coke out of paper cups only sprite or sweet tea, it taste funny otherwise, But I can drink pepsi out of paper cups. My Husband thinks its crazy.

2. Earl's wife is trying to dress him in stuff that he wouldn't normally wear.

I try to make my husband wear what I think looks good on him, he thinks I am trying to humilate him.

3. Earl's wife does not give him any private time in the bathroom when he is peeing.

I always walk in on my husband while he is peeing. I mean we are married! I have seen him naked! Geez!

My husband was pointing at me during that whole point in the show.

Marriage is new and exciting. We have learned so much about each other in the past 3 months.

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